Every service that we provide incorporates the entirety of our knowledge, skills and expertise combined with our deep understanding of our customers’ needs and requirement

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Outstanding sheet metal fabrication and powder coating services

With a constantly growing portfolio of effective state-of-the-art machines and outstanding engineering excellence, our sheet metal products include a vast range of electric control systems, lockable metal cabinets, decorative laser cut metals, metal racking and shelving solutions as well as custom metal enclosures and kiosks to suit different client needs



We specialize in supply of; cable management systems, electrical switchboards, marshalling
kiosks, lighting poles, shelving & racks, outdoor cabinets, payment stations, meter boards,
motor control centers, data center cabinets and other related products.
We also engage in a wide variety of fabrication and powder coating projects.
With our ever growing tech services and years of experience and expertise, we guarantee
our customers unrivalled services across all our products at competitive prices.



With our award-winning tech services and years of experience and expertise, we guarantee our customers unrivaled services across all our products. Our pool of experienced, dedicated and motivated staff offer the required guidance throughout your project aiming at giving the best. Whatever your project, whatever your timescale and your budget, we can help.


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Being the leading sheet metal fabricators. We offer metal fabrication solutions designed to meet our customers’ needs. Our expertise in a manifold range of fabrication processes is one of many invaluable assets we can provide. We are in a position to offer high-quality services based on the client’s precise specifications. Our products include Electric control systems, Lockable cabinets, Decorative laser-cut metals, racking and shelving solutions and custom enclosures and kiosks.
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