Duff offers a wide range of metal fabrication

including cutting, welding, machining,

forming and assembly to create final products.

Majority of our services are automated

simplifying the processes and further

shortening the lead times.

We offer our customers the following services

CAD/CAM design services With the aid of computer designs, we actualize our customers’ ideas to produce the best quality products. We receive and work for every project, big or small at a pocket-friendly cost.

CNC Punching We provide quick turn prototyping and rapid start-ups able to stage several types and sizes of materials to be punched for many different jobs in one setup. 

CNC Cutting & Bending Being CNC operated, we simultaneously perform multiple bend sizes and degrees. We also have a significant range of punches and dies in our inventory, making us capable of executing otherwise difficult bending operations.

Welding We produce a wide range of arc/resistant services including MIG, Spot and Stick welding.

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