Why use cable trunking in your office or home?

The need to have an organized office or home calls for a proper cable management system. Cable management is available in an array of options ranging from lightweight cable trays through to heavy trunking. The choice of fixings for an installation needs to factor in both the weight of the cable management solution and the cables that it is carrying. Specialist advice should be taken from structural engineers on site, or the fixing manufacturers themselves on the weight the fixings can accommodate.

Cable trunking is the most popular choice. Trunking is an enclosure used to keep cables safe from damage while keeping your place tidy. Cable trunking is usually in square or rectangular shape with hinges or removable nuts to provide easy access to the cable when required. Without cable trunking, it would be an eyesore to have cables running loosely around the walls and floors. Cable trunking provides a clean appearance to your home or workplace thus promoting your brand personality. It is widely used in various environments including homes, hotels, hospitals and industries.

Cable trunking has since its invention proved to be extremely useful since it comes with a lot of benefits to your home or industrial set-up. The key use of cable trunking is to keep your cables tidy and hidden while providing easy access to relevant cables when a need arises while providing an aesthetic look to the wiring.

Cable trunking is mainly installed for health and safety reasons as it prevents the random cable from running about the house or office since it eliminates any possible tripping hazards. They prevent the wires from being exposed to any water hazards for example accidental floods posing risks of fire and electric shocks.

To suit different environments and requirements of the installation, cabletrunking comes in many different materials and sizes. The wide variety makes it easy for different options. 

Metal trunking is the most popular and affordable material.  They are designed to ensure tidy wiring systems and protect the cables from damage.

To create uniformity between your metal trunking and indoor room design, they can be powder coated using your room colour.

Metal cable trunking is higher quality trunking compared to other trunking made of other materials as they provide more protection. They are durable and strong. 

Cable trunking encloses your cables thus reducing the risk of damage. Without cable trunking, cables can be pulled, tangled or crammed together in tight places causing strain on the cables. The hollow encloser keeps the cables organised as well as safe from dust.

Cable trunking is often used for aesthetics as without cable trunking, it would be an eyesore to have cables run loosely around your walls and floors. Trunking tidies up the layout of wiring. Using cable trunking will smarten up the appearance of the workplace or home, removing the appearance associated with exposed wiring.

Maintenance of cables enclosed by a cable trunk is easier than any other wiring system. The cable trunking system keeps the cables in good condition. Having cable trunking makes it easy for electricians to access cable if required.

Cable management enhances safety. A variety of dangers looms from poorly organised wires for instance; tripping hazards, electrical shocks and even risk of fire. Cable trunking keeps the wiring safely stored reducing the number of electric shocks and injuries. Cable trunking also prevents your property from damage. Cables can create fires therefore, using cable trunking will protect from heat and a fire occurring.

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