Why powder coating is the best finish for your metal products

The metal fabrication industry has always played a key role almost in everything we use. Many metal fabricated products elegantly form our day to day appliances, cars, and computers with well-fabricated products with the right finish being the ones holding up our roads and buildings.

The fabrication process is what gives birth, strength, and purpose to the metals we use daily hence calling for great engineering, ingenuity, and testing while carrying out the process.

However, metal fabrication alone may not give the end-user a perfect product. There is another important facet step in the metal fabrication process called metal finishing.

Although raw metals may be strong on their own, many drawbacks affect their durability and workability thus anyone who wants to manufacture long-lasting metal products needs to choose an appropriate type of finishing for their metals. 

Traditionally, conventional painting has worked arguably well as one of the methods of metal finishing, but as the technology advances day in day out, powder coating offers many unmatched benefits and has become a popular finish choice as it comes with great benefits while improving your metal fabrication projects.

Metals when exposed are susceptible to corrosion, abrasion and tarnishing as a result of oxidation. This oxidation causes the metal to lose its durability, longevity, and strength. Also, the life span of unfinished metals is weakened by UV exposure, salts, and rain.

How do you ensure your metals last long?

In everything you do, cost always call the shot and in the metal fabrication, powder coating ensures that your metals last longer than expected thus scaling down the cost of replacing.

Powder coating protects your metals from the elements while also improving the look of the final product. This improves their value and makes them look better to the end-user.

For a long time, metal fabricators used solvent-based liquid paints to finish their metals. This method does a good job of protecting metals but can be expensive and time-consuming.

Electroplating, or chrome plating, was once another popular method for a long time but is costly and time-consuming, making powder coating remain at the forefront.

Powder coating is a dry process used to coat metals with acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane, polyester, or a mix of these products to give metal protection as well as the client’s preferred colour, gloss and texture.


Using electrostatic spray deposition (ESD), the dry powder receives a positive electric charge. The fabricator uses a pressurized spray to apply the charged powder onto the negatively charged metal product. This creates an electrochemical change hence the powder sticks to the metal.

Since its invention powder coating has proved to be an efficient way of protecting custom metal fabrication works and it requires little or no maintenance and will look great for years to come.

When powder dries, it gels together allowing the finish to be more flexible paint options thus a great option for metal parts that will bend when installed. This, however, makes powder coating one of the most durable metal finishing options.  

Since most of the metal fabricated products stand at risk of rusting both indoors and outdoors as a result of getting in contact with water and other corroding agents, powder coating prevents rusting and corrosion by sealing the metal in a thorough and even finish.

Looking for a perfectly even colour to cover your custom metal projects? With powder coating, you can choose from an array of coloured powders for even colour distribution. This level of colours is hardly achieved with other means of painting, making powder coating tall among other options.

While the two most popular powder coating colours are black and white, you can find this finish in nearly every colour imaginable. You can also request and use custom colours. The powder manufacturer will mix and create a truly unique colour blend based specifically on your needs.

Powder-coated metal products have a uniform and smooth look. Unlike conventional painting, powder coating does not leave any streaks, runs, or weak areas. Any imperfections such as ripples, bubbles, or dust bumps cannot be spotted on the products.

The uniform look is very aesthetically appealing. You can choose from matte, semi-gloss, or high-gloss finishes depending on the look of your preference. For an extra touch, you can add textures, glitter, or metal flakes.

If you want your metal products to last long with an appealing appearance powder coating helps you do just that.

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