Why install an electrical distribution board?

An electrical distribution board, popularly known as a panel board or a breaker panel, is a vital component in the electrical system of a building. It is responsible for distributing electrical power from the main power supply to the various circuits and appliances throughout the building.

At Duff Engineering, electrical distribution is our bread and butter. We have been a market leader in supplying power distribution panels and equipment to some of the largest firms in Kenya. Our unmatched expertise means that we can advise you on a range of electrical topics, including the purpose of an electrical distribution board.

It is worth noting that an electrical distribution board serves to protect and control the distribution of electrical power. This is achieved through a number of functions that are performed by the various components of the distribution board. Electrical distribution boards provide a centralized location for electrical connections and circuit management. Having all of the circuits and connections in one place makes it easier to troubleshoot and perform maintenance on the electrical system.

The main component of the distribution board is the circuit breaker which is designed to interrupt the flow of electricity in the event of an overload or short circuit, thereby, protecting the electrical system and the appliances that are connected to it from overloading. They act as a safety mechanism to prevent electrical fires, damage to equipment, and potential harm to people.

In addition, circuit breakers also contain a variety of other components, such as fuses, switches, and surge protectors. These components work together to ensure that the electrical power is distributed safely and efficiently. The distribution board also plays a key role in the proper grounding of the electrical system. This is important for safety reasons, as it helps to prevent electrocution and other electrical hazards caused by overloads.

In a nutshell, an electrical distribution board is a fixed installation that distributes electrical power throughout a building or facility. It receives power from the main power source and distributes it to various circuits and outlets throughout the building. At Duff Engineering, we design, fabricate and install a wide variety of power distribution equipment, including a vast range of power distribution boxes and an array of bespoke equipment to work alongside them. You can browse our products or if you’ve got any questions or have an enquiry about a bespoke product, give us a call on 0716632075.

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