What is powder coating

Have you ever stopped to think how some metals last longer without rusting and come in different colors? How would you like the thought of having your aluminum partitions come in a color that suits your interior design style? With a technology known as powder-coating, this is possible here in Kenya. Powder coating is a dry finishing process introduced in North America in the 1960s. Powder coated outdoor metals are protected against harsh weather conditions that would otherwise lead to rust and corrosion. Besides the protective function, powder-coating is also used as a decorative finishing. You would agree that red metal looks more appealing than plain metal.

Coating using different colors makes metals such as steel, aluminum, bronze and stainless steel a great material for construction design purposes. There are however a number of differences between conventional wet paints and powder coating. Conventional wet paints on metals can be very unforgiving particularly if the item has flaws such as poorly joined parts or uneven surfaces. Most metal artists prefer coating their work black to avoid magnifying poor workmanship. An obvious option would be improving their workmanship but usually this involves expensive inaccessible tools. Powder-coating provides an easier option. Textured powder coated paint acts as a thick cover on the work and transforms the metal into much more beautiful pieces of art. With coatings such as textured brown or grey on greatly done metal work, it would be hard to tell whether the product is locally done or imported.

Conventional wet painting also takes quite a bit of time to cure or dry further delaying jobs. With powder-coating only one hour is enough to completely cure paint and leave a long-lasting surface finishing. This is because powder-coating process involves baking the metals in an oven to “bond” the paint with the metal into one. Consider your phone cover, fridge cover or even your laptop cover. Most of these are powder-coated metals that give the metal a totally different look from what we otherwise know.

So, do you have an old piece of metal furniture in your house? Consider how beautiful it would look coated into a color of your choice.

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