Server cabinets: The heart of ICT sector

The megatrend in the ICT sector, the fourth industrial revolution has paved the way for new technologies that effortlessly connect billions of people and devices and server cabinets and server racks are at the heart of the infrastructure for all this information.

The information revolutions have led to monumental impacts in all fields, industries and economies. The country’s ICT sector has consistently shown dynamic expansion, increasing by a greater percentage a sharp contrast to the recent years.

This growth is a testament to how this megatrend will affect how the African continent does business in a couple of years to come. This tremendous growth has, however, resulted in high demand for related products in the Kenyan ICT sector.

Specialists believe that in this competitive and rapidly changing industry, expansion and maintenance are one of the keys to maintaining a competitive edge. Over recent years, Kenyan-based companies have supplied the majority of the networking hardware and software required to establish information technology networks on the African continent.

At Duff Engineering, we pride ourselves on local manufacturing. We design, fabricate and deliver high-quality server cabinets in our Industrial area plant. Our workshop has the capacity to take on large orders of network server cabinets.

Setting up your equipment in a server cabinet will help increase server performance and will make maintenance more effortless and augment security. We guarantee quality work by using state-of-the-art machinery paired with the latest software in the sheet metal industry. We utilize the newest fibre laser cutting machines which make way for precision cutting in our network server cabinets, racks and enclosures manufacturing processes.

The benefits of this high precision mean no micro-cracks, chipping or fragmentation, with clean square edges and reduced waste. Our Server Racks help you organize your IT equipment in a way that optimizes its use and makes the best use of floor space.   We manufacture and sell a variety of server cabinets to suit an array of storage needs. These include but are not limited to heavy-duty server cabinets, ventilated server cabinets, outdoor wall-mount server cabinets, and indoor wall-mount server cabinets.

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