How to rejuvenate the look of your old rims

The quality of rims that are installed in the production of cars varies depending on the brand, but all are made of a metal that requires good maintenance and care through sandblasting and powder coating. 

Car rims are an important part of preserving resistance and aerodynamics, besides, rims are pieces that suffer high impact, wear and tear; this is the reason why special care and attention are required to get optimal performance on the road. Today, there are different types of rims, some of them are popular for being more resistant and cheaper such as steel rims, but aluminium, chrome and composition metal are other good choices.

The sandblasting process for cleaning car rims

Daily rims activity means high impact and wear, which is why, they require complete maintenance, at Duff Engineering, we offer the Sandblasting process for car rims that includes cleaning and removing rust and paint, to later apply powder coating for greater protection.

Rims cleaning is done with a special tool that expels an abrasive and granulated material on the rim surface, this removes all flakes, rust or any previous coating. The Sandblasting process for rims is perfect when you want to renew their colour because the existing paint is removed to prepare the surface for a new one. 

Powder coating to protect car rims

Powder coating is one of the best choices to cover metal pieces. In the case of car rims, this is a great technique because it avoids wring, and bubbles, and provides a protective and perfect finish, contrary to conventional liquid painting. 

It is called powder coating because a special tool is used during the process, it mixes small powder painting particles with air, which is electrically charged, and then it results in particles attraction to the metal surface of rims. At Duff Engineering, we offer you a great solution to renew your rims, no matter if they are struck or strapped. Also, powder coating after the sandblasting process will provide necessary protection against crashes, impacts, chemicals, heat, and brake powder, among other factors that can produce wear, to your car rims. 

In order to get more durability and protection for your car rims, do not hesitate to contact us at 0716632075 and ask for our sandblasting and powder coating services for your car rims.

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