Did you know that laser is used in garment manufacturing

Since its invention, laser cutting has helped in the transformation of many beauty-related sectors with the textile industry being the next area under the spotlight.

Laser cutting is a decorative technology that is making a huge impact in textile-based companies. Its process is becoming relevant to a large cross-section of apparel, accessories, footwear, and home furnishing manufacturers.

Laser has been used in the apparel industry since the nineteenth century for various garment manufacturing applications owing to its advantages over the conventional processes in cutting, engraving, embossing, denim fading and other applications.

In addition, the product damage potential is reduced, no/fewer consumables are needed and no problem of toxic by-product disposal as found in some processes. As a result of continuous research and development, laser equipment has been improved as compared to the initial ones which were cumbersome, hard to maintain and run.

It was first used metals, wood, and other materials, but laser cutting nowadays can be seen in clothing and jewellery with the ever-evolving technology.

With the emergence of a plethora of custom laser cut designs, fashion designers have seen the benefits that come with precision laser technology. In the past, laser cutting was left for the most labyrinth couture design but with time, consumers have followed suit owing to its unmatched services.  

According to the experts, laser-cut technology has penetrated the market at a supersonic speed due to the following qualities:

Unmatched accuracy – laser cutting has made it possible to produce designs that may have been deemed too difficult in the past. Their highly precise cuts have made it possible to produce seemingly intricate and irreproducible designs. The garment industry pays attention to the size of the garment when processing precision, the purpose is to achieve high efficiency, exquisite tailoring, which is better than the traditional manual cutting by spectrum.

Fast production –laser technology has become so prominent because of the quick turnaround time in which the designs can be created. Designers can reduce the overall time working on an outfit since a laser cutting machine can produce highly precise cuts to shape a design in moments.

A large choice of materials – another huge plus for using laser cutting technology is the large number of materials it can work with. Archetypal fabrics such as georgettes, rayon and poly blends can be manipulated and unconventional choices such as pieces of denim and suedes, plus many more.

Several applications – this technique encompasses a vast variety of uses, with manufacturers being able to produce anything from high fashion chic to kids’ wear and even high-performance activewear.

Although you may not have seen or heard about it, there are prevalent new laser cut designs and ideas that have improved the beauty of the world taking over from old creations.

The practical effects of laser cutting technology have taken on a whole new format, as businesses are discovering the benefits that they introduce to their jobs.

Everything from fashion and food to automotive and agriculture has been positively impacted by the emergence of laser cutting, as the technology has become so advanced that it is helping them create ideas that were not possible before.

The garment manufacturers around the globe should take the advantage of laser application in the post-multi-fibre agreement regime to make their products more competitive. It also comes with reduced cost and nonpareil flexibility with low chances of counterfeiting.

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